Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have minimum orders?

A: No, but 12 or more is preferred.

Q: How long is the delivery?

A: It varies depending on the order size. If the yarn is in stock, a modest order is 2 to 5 business days.

Q: How do you submit artwork?

A: Email it as a JPG or PDF file to We also have some clip art and standard letters.

Q: What are your shipping methods?

A: UPS, FedEx, DHL, or US Post

Q: May I use my own Shipping Account #?

A: Yes, supply us with the details, and that will become our standard method of shipping for you.

Q: Do you offer custom shades?

A: Yes. It takes 1 to 2 weeks for a color swatch and an additional 3 to 5 weeks for yarn delivery.

Q: Which fiber should I choose?

A: Check our pro-con sheet for what fiber could be best!

Q: Why are the cuffs self-adjusting to the sleeve?

A: You can roll up the cuff or unfold it for extra length. They also help hold sleeves in place when adjusted but do not restrict movement.