Fashioned for Champions: Quality Knitted Trims for Sports Uniforms

Andrews Knitting Mills Inc. supplies quality knitted trims for sports uniforms that can enhance the overall performance of athletes by providing comfort, flexibility, and durability during rigorous physical activities. Our trims can withstand frequent washing, stretching, and movement without losing shape or integrity, resulting in longer-lasting uniforms. These trims also come with customization options that allow teams to tailor their uniforms to match their brand identity, team colors, and specific design preferences. Choose from custom-knitted neckbands, braids, exercise, and hockey pant inserts.

  • Neckband (White Arrow)
  • Braid (Blue Arrow)
  • Hockey and Exercise Pant Insert (Not Shown)
Green Sleeveless UniformSleeve Stripe Pattern In A Sports UniformSports Uniform With Design Patterns On It's Sleeve


We specialize in customizing knitted trims and knitted fabrics for a wide range of textile products. You may reach out to us to send us the design you need for your uniform’s neckbands. Here are some of our previous projects.

Sports Uniform Neckband Black, Orange, And GreenSports Uniform Neckband Black And PurpleSports Uniforms Neckbands


Browse through our selection of patterns and choose the colors that best represent your team. With our wide variety of options, you can customize your sports uniforms to perfectly match your design and create a memorable look on the field.

Sports Uniforms Braid CySports Uniforms Braid Five Equal StripesBlue, Red And White Pattern Knit DesignSports Uniforms Braid Knit Pattern
Sports Uniforms Braid SolidSports Uniform Braid Three Equal StripesSports Uniform Braid Two Equal Stripe

Exercise and Hockey Pant Inserts

Explore our selection of patterns and tailor your sports uniforms to perfection. Enjoy the freedom to choose your preferred colors and customize text. You can also email us a PDF or JPG file of your artwork for a truly personalized touch.

Let us know your custom-knitted trim needs. Place an order by filling out one of the order forms below:

Knit Design For Exercise PantsExercise Pants Jacquard Knit Design