Premium Knitted Trims for Jackets

At AKM, we specialize in creating knitted trims for jackets. Our shop mostly works on custom orders. The photos shown are examples of our previous projects. For a specific knitted trim pattern, feel free to get in touch with us.

Let Us Know What Part You Need:

  • Collar (Red Arrow)
  • Cuff (Green Arrow)
  • Waistband ​(Blue Arrow)
  • Jacket Insert (Black Arrow)
Black Varsity Jacket Knit DesignsKnit Design Pattern On A JacketVarsity Jacket


Our customization process is simple yet flexible. You can choose the knit type, color, and pattern that suits your taste and needs. We can also add words to custom-knitted trims for jackets.

Knit Types:

  • 1×1 Stitch
  • 2×2 Stitch
Jackets Knit PatternsJackets Knit Design Patterns 2x2


We mostly work with custom orders. Here are some of the patterns we’ve made in the past. Feel free to send us the specifications of the pattern you need, and we’ll create a custom-knitted trim for you.

  • Pattern 2
  • Pattern 4
  • Jacquard
  • Western Design
Pattern 2
Jackets Stripe Design Patterns
Pattern 4
Jackets Different Design Patterns
Jacquard & Western Design
Kinds Of Jacquard Patterns For Jackets
Jacquard & Western Design
Western Design Patterns For Jackets


We can create flared or straight cuffs cut from the same patterns as the collars and trims. Below are some of the custom cuffs we’ve made. Contact us to create your own cuff pattern.

Fill out one of the order forms below to place your custom-knitted trim order:

Different Colored Cuffs For JacketsGrey Piece Of Jackets CuffJackets Cuffs