Design Your Own Knitted Trims for Golf and Polo Shirts

At AKM, we specialize in creating custom-knitted trims for golf and polo shirts. We pride ourselves on our endless customization options and top-notch quality knitted products. Feel free to talk to us about what parts you need for your shirts.

  • Collars (Red Arrow)
  • Sleeve Welts (Blue Arrow)
A Grey Polo Shirt

Shirt Collars and Welts

We take pride in creating collars specifically tailored to your individual vision. They can be made in a variety of patterns and styles. Below are photos of our previous custom orders. You may reach out to us to personalize your own collars and welts for golf and polo shirts.

Baxter Word Design For Polo ShirtDifferent Kinds Of Knit Designs For Polo ShirtKnit Color Pattern For A Golf Polo ShirtKnit Patterns For Polo Shirt

Express Your Unique Style

We pay attention to every detail to ensure that our knitted trims follow your specifications and deliver what you need for your design. You may choose from an array of patterns, knit types, and colors – simply tell us what you want for your knitted trim, and we’ll make it happen. Fill out one of the order forms below to get started:

Unparalleled Customer Support

At AKM, we understand that each customer has specific needs and preferences. That’s why we offer unparalleled customer support to assist you throughout the process, from design selection to final production. Our expert team is always ready to help with all your questions and concerns about our services.